I would like to be a flower. I'm an artist. Dallas,TX. Beer. Conversation.

boy wonder

There is this boy, this boy who lives somewhere far far away. To me he is real but to you he may not be. I have this desire to touch him, hold him, kiss him, fuck him but it is impossible. Fate is an intersting thing. Life is just random at times. This boy is pure perfection to my understanding. It’s like I am in love with someone who doesn’t exist but at the same time I don’t love him for what you may perceive as love. I love him because of who he is but not because we are lovers. He is an interesting person. Only I know about him and I yet leave him to be anonymous or unreal in my reality. Physically he is what I desire in a man, and emotionally/mentally is exactly what I have long gone been looking for. But only fate will determine the time and place for everything. There is a chance and I only take it day by day.